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Get videodog4 source code. This is not the ordinary videodog, its just a simple dog w/ double buffer ( its not ok yet... just historical reasons). Now the standart videodog has a better way to do it.
Get videodog4 source code w/ Franz Reinhardt patch He corrected some lines and put a save frame function.

Check out the docs

VideoDog was a kind of video /bin/cat, to grab a single frame of a video4linux device or set some pictures default.
Now it evolved into a complete image capture/processing environment, with a simple and clean API, and using almost no external libs.
It works with linux's v4l subsystem, has a lot of algorithms for image processing and storage, including motion detection, alpha blending logos, image formats, edge detection, and so on. Also, it includes examples on how to deal with jpeglib, gtk, SDL and XLib, regarding image capture and processing.
This code is GPL'ed, feel free to use it and send me tips, patches,etc, etc.
As I did heavy modifications to the original videodog ( splitted the source code, new features ),
see README for new examples and CHANGELOG for the changes.
Please, send me bug reports, feedbacks, ideas, patches and stuffs.
Thanks all the people who sent me patches and feedback !

There is a file explaining something about v4l and videodog architeture.
You can get it here, althought it is shipped with videodog.

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